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Cisco Nexus 5000 N5K-C5548UP 10G Network Switch w LAN BASE & VMFEX LICENSE

SKU: AR_Cisco N5K-C5548UP PSU

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Up for sale is a used Cisco Nexus 5000 N5K-C5548UP 10G Network Switch.

It has been tested and is in good working condition.

Rack Ears and 2x 750W Power Supplies are installed.

The expansion module slot is uncovered & the chassis shows signs of use with scratches.



switch# show license usage
Feature                      Ins  Lic   Status Expiry Date Comments
FCOE_NPV_PKG                  No    -   Unused             -
FM_SERVER_PKG                 No    -   Unused             -
ENTERPRISE_PKG                No    -   Unused             -
FC_FEATURES_PKG               No    -   Unused             -
VMFEX_FEATURE_PKG             Yes   -   Unused Never       -
ENHANCED_LAYER2_PKG           No    -   Unused             -
LAN_BASE_SERVICES_PKG         Yes   -   In use Never       -
LAN_ENTERPRISE_SERVICES_PKG   No    -   Unused             -

Console Output:

switch# show version
Cisco Nexus Operating System (NX-OS) Software
Copyright (c) 2002-2016, Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.
The copyrights to certain works contained herein are owned by
other third parties and are used and distributed under license.
Some parts of this software are covered under the GNU Public
  BIOS:      version 3.6.0
  loader:    version N/A
  kickstart: version 7.0(8)N1(1)
  system:    version 7.0(8)N1(1)
  Power Sequencer Firmware:
             Module 1: version v3.0
             Module 3: version v2.0
  Microcontroller Firmware:        version v1.2.0.1
  SFP uC:    Module 1: v1.0.0.0
  QSFP uC:   Module not detected
  BIOS compile time:       05/09/2012
  kickstart image file is: bootflash:///n5000-uk9-kickstart.7.0.8.N1.1.bin
  kickstart compile time:  2/20/2016 21:00:00 [02/21/2016 06:32:37]
  system image file is:    bootflash:///n5000-uk9.7.0.8.N1.1.bin
  system compile time:     2/20/2016 21:00:00 [02/21/2016 09:04:42]
  cisco Nexus5548 Chassis ("O2 32X10GE/Modular Universal Platform Supervisor")
  Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU         with 8253860 kB of memory.
  Processor Board ID FOC15513LQ9
  Device name: switch
  bootflash:    2007040 kB
Kernel uptime is 0 day(s), 0 hour(s), 3 minute(s), 52 second(s)
Last reset
  Reason: Unknown
  System version: 7.0(8)N1(1)
  Core Plugin, Ethernet Plugin
switch# show inv
NAME: "Chassis", DESCR: "Nexus5548 Chassis"
PID: N5K-C5548UP       , VID: V01 
NAME: "Module 1", DESCR: "O2 32X10GE/Modular Universal Platform Supervisor"
PID: N5K-C5548UP       , VID: V01 
NAME: "Fan 1", DESCR: "Chassis fan module"
PID: N5548P-FAN        , VID: N/A , SN: N/A
NAME: "Fan 2", DESCR: "Chassis fan module"
PID: N5548P-FAN        , VID: N/A , SN: N/A
NAME: "Power supply 1", DESCR: "AC power supply"
PID: N55-PAC-750W      , VID: V01 
NAME: "Power supply 2", DESCR: "AC power supply"
PID: N55-PAC-750W      , VID: V01 
NAME: "Module 3", DESCR: "O2 Non L3 Daughter Card"
PID: N55-DL2           , VID: V01