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Up for sale is a used Cisco UBR-RFSW-ADV uBR RF Switch RFSW-ALL-UPDWNSTRM for UBR10012 Router.

It has been power on tested only.

Original Manufacturer Description:

The Cisco uBR Advanced RF Switch (Cisco UBR-RFSW-ADV) provides N+1 line card redundancy switching for the Cisco uBR10012 universal broadband router also known as the Cisco CMTS. The Cisco UBR-RFSW-ADV is a rack-mount unit controlled by the Cisco uBR10012 router.

The Cisco UBR-RFSW-ADV is located between the Cisco uBR10012 router and the cable plant. All the RF downstream (output) and RF upstream (input) ports of the Cisco uBR10012 router are connected to one side of the Cisco UBR-RFSW-ADV, while the cable plant is connected to the other side.

The Cisco uBR10012 router supports up to eight cable interface (RF) line cards. Each line card supports a single downstream Universal Cable Holder (UCH) connector (five RF ports per connector) and two upstream UCH connectors (ten RF ports per connector).

When supporting N+1 redundancy, the Cisco uBR10012 router allocates one of the eight line cards as a protect line card.

There are 24 cards on the rear of the Cisco UBR-RFSW-ADV. Each card supports one UCH connector. These cards are arranged in eight groups of three cards each. In the middle is the protect card group, which consists of one downstream protect and two upstream protect cards. This protect card group connects to the Cisco uBR10012 router protect line card. To either side of the protect cards are groups of switch cards—one downstream switch card and two upstream switch cards per group. These groups of switch cards connect to the remaining line cards on the Cisco uBR10012 router.

On the front of the Cisco UBR-RFSW-ADV are 21 interconnect cards. These cards are arranged in seven groups of three cards each. Each group contains one downstream interconnect card and two upstream interconnect cards. These interconnect cards connect to the cable plant.

When the Cisco uBR10012 router and Cisco UBR-RFSW-ADV are not in protect mode, each interconnect card group is switched to a corresponding line card on the Cisco uBR10012 router. However, when the Cisco uBR10012 and Cisco UBR-RFSW-ADV are in protect mode, the interconnect card group associated with the failed cable interface line card is switched to the protect line card group instead.

The Cisco uBR10012 router manages all protect switching control plane events and system upgrades.