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Cisco UCS 6120XP N10-S6100 20 Port Fabric Interconnect w/ N10-E0080 & Dual PSU

Tested and Updated to UCS Infrastructure 2.2(7b)
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Up for sale is a used Cisco UCS 6120XP N10-S6100 20 Port Fabric Interconnect.


A N10-E0080 8-Port Fibre Channel Expansion Module is installed.


It has been tested and updated to UCS Infrastructure 2.2(7b) software bundle. 


It shows signs of use with scratches on the chassis.



Console Output:

Cisco-A# show fabric-interconnect detail
Fabric Interconnect:
    ID: A
    Product Name: Cisco UCS 6120XP
    PID: N10-S6100
    VID: V01
    Vendor: Cisco Systems, Inc.
    Serial (SN): SSI140305TQ
    HW Revision: 0
    Total Memory (MB): 3534
    OOB IP Addr:
    OOB Gateway:
    OOB Netmask:
    OOB MAC Addr: 00:0D:EC:FF:84:41
    OOB IPv6 Address: ::
    OOB IPv6 Gateway: ::
    Prefix: 64
    Operability: Operable
    Thermal Status: Ok
    Admin Evacuation: Off
    Oper Evacuation: Off
    Current Task 1:
    Current Task 2:
    Current Task 3:
Cisco-A# show fabric-interconnect inventory expand
    Fabric Card:
    Slot  Description          Num Ports  State      PID             Serial (SN)
    ----- -------------------- ---------- ---------- --------------- -----------
        1 20x10GE/Supervisor           20 Online     N10-S6100       JAF1406AMDB
        2 8x1/2/4G FC Module            8 Online     N10-E0080       JAF1405AGJL
    Ether Port:
    Slot  Port  Oper State       Mac                  Role    Xcvr
    ----- ----- ---------------- -------------------- ------- ----
        1     1 Sfp Not Present  00:0D:EC:FF:84:48    Unknown N/A
        1     2 Sfp Not Present  00:0D:EC:FF:84:49    Unknown N/A
        1     3 Sfp Not Present  00:0D:EC:FF:84:4A    Unknown N/A
        1     4 Sfp Not Present  00:0D:EC:FF:84:4B    Unknown N/A
        1     5 Sfp Not Present  00:0D:EC:FF:84:4C    Unknown N/A
        1     6 Sfp Not Present  00:0D:EC:FF:84:4D    Unknown N/A
        1     7 Sfp Not Present  00:0D:EC:FF:84:4E    Unknown N/A
        1     8 Sfp Not Present  00:0D:EC:FF:84:4F    Unknown N/A
        1     9 Sfp Not Present  00:0D:EC:FF:84:50    Unknown N/A
        1    10 Sfp Not Present  00:0D:EC:FF:84:51    Unknown N/A
        1    11 Sfp Not Present  00:0D:EC:FF:84:52    Unknown N/A
        1    12 Sfp Not Present  00:0D:EC:FF:84:53    Unknown N/A
        1    13 Sfp Not Present  00:0D:EC:FF:84:54    Unknown N/A
        1    14 Sfp Not Present  00:0D:EC:FF:84:55    Unknown N/A
        1    15 Sfp Not Present  00:0D:EC:FF:84:56    Unknown N/A
        1    16 Sfp Not Present  00:0D:EC:FF:84:57    Unknown N/A
        1    17 Sfp Not Present  00:0D:EC:FF:84:58    Unknown N/A
        1    18 Sfp Not Present  00:0D:EC:FF:84:59    Unknown N/A
        1    19 Sfp Not Present  00:0D:EC:FF:84:5A    Unknown N/A
        1    20 Sfp Not Present  00:0D:EC:FF:84:5B    Unknown N/A
    FC Port:
    Slot  Port  Oper State       Wwn
    ----- ----- ---------------- ---
        2     1 Sfp Not Present  20:41:00:0D:EC:FF:84:40
        2     2 Sfp Not Present  20:42:00:0D:EC:FF:84:40
        2     3 Sfp Not Present  20:43:00:0D:EC:FF:84:40
        2     4 Sfp Not Present  20:44:00:0D:EC:FF:84:40
        2     5 Sfp Not Present  20:45:00:0D:EC:FF:84:40
        2     6 Sfp Not Present  20:46:00:0D:EC:FF:84:40
        2     7 Sfp Not Present  20:47:00:0D:EC:FF:84:40
        2     8 Sfp Not Present  20:48:00:0D:EC:FF:84:40
    ID    PID             Serial (SN)     Overall Status
    ----- --------------- --------------- --------------
        1 N10-FAN1        N/A             Operable
        2 N10-FAN1        N/A             Operable
        3 N10-FAN1        N/A             Operable
        4 N10-FAN1        N/A             Operable
        5 N10-FAN1        N/A             Operable
        6 N10-FAN1        N/A             Operable
        1 N10-FAN1        N/A             Operable
        2 N10-FAN1        N/A             Operable
        3 N10-FAN1        N/A             Operable
        4 N10-FAN1        N/A             Operable
        5 N10-FAN1        N/A             Operable
        6 N10-FAN1        N/A             Operable
Cisco-A /license # show feature
License feature:
    Name                      Vendor Version Type               Grace Period
    ------------------------- ------ ------- ------------------ ------------
    ETH_PORT_ACTIVATION_PKG   cisco  1.0     Counted                     120
    ETH_PORT_C_ACTIVATION_PKG cisco  1.0     Counted                     120



Original Manufacturer Description:


The Cisco UCS 6120XP 20-Port Fabric Interconnect is a core part of the Cisco Unified Computing System. Typically deployed in redundant pairs, Fabric Interconnects provide uniform access to both networks and storage.

The Cisco UCS 6120XP is a 1 RU fabric interconnect and provides:

  • 20 fixed 10 Gigabit Ethernet and FCoE Small Form-Factor Pluggable Plus (SFP+) ports
  • 520 Gigabits per second (Gbps) of throughput
  • A single expansion module bay can support up to eight Fibre Channel ports or up to six 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports using the SFP+ interfaces
  • Can support up to 160 servers or 20 chassis as a single seamless system