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Citrix NetScaler MPX 8200 Application Load Balancer with Enterprise License

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Up for sale is a used Citrix NetScaler MPX 8200 Application Load Balancer Licensed NSMPX-8000-10G.

It has been tested and reset to defaults.

Console Output:
> show hardware
        Platform: NSMPX-8000-10G 4*CPU+6*E1K+2*IX+1*E1K+4*CVM 1620 675320
        Manufactured on: 9/16/2013
        CPU: 3400MHZ
        Host Id: 17334406
        Serial no: 42D6N29HGU
        Encoded serial no: 42D6N29HGU
> show version
        NetScaler NS11.1: Build 56.19.nc, Date: Dec 10 2017, 03:41:33
> show license
        License status:
                           Web Logging: YES
                      Surge Protection: YES
                        Load Balancing: YES
                     Content Switching: YES
                     Cache Redirection: YES
                          Sure Connect: YES
                   Compression Control: YES
                     Delta Compression: NO
                      Priority Queuing: YES
                        SSL Offloading: YES
          Global Server Load Balancing: YES
                        GSLB Proximity: YES
                   Http DoS Protection: YES
                       Dynamic Routing: YES
                     Content Filtering: YES
                   Content Accelerator: NO
                    Integrated Caching: NO
                               SSL VPN: YES  (Maximum users = 1110)  (Maximum ICA users = Unlimited)
                                   AAA: YES
                          OSPF Routing: YES
                           RIP Routing: YES
                           BGP Routing: YES
                               Rewrite: YES
             IPv6 protocol translation: YES
                  Application Firewall: NO
                             Responder: YES
                        HTML Injection: YES
                        NetScaler Push: YES
                   Web Interface on NS: YES
                               AppFlow: YES
                           CloudBridge: NO
                          ISIS Routing: YES
                            Clustering: YES
                              CallHome: YES
                                AppQoE: YES
                       Appflow for ICA: YES
                                  RISE: YES
                                 vPath: YES
                Front End Optimization: YES
                       Large Scale NAT: YES
                             RDP Proxy: YES
                            Reputation: NO
                       Model Number ID: 8200
                          License Type: Enterprise License
                        Licensing mode: Local