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Juniper MX80-AC Router with 2x MIC-3D-20GE-SFP Modules

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Up for sale is a used Juniper MX80-AC Router with 2x MIC-3D-20GE-SFP Modules.

It has been tested and is in good working condition.

Rack Ears and 1x Power Supply are installed.

Console Output:

root> show system license

License usage:

                                 Licenses     Licenses    Licenses    Expiry

  Feature name                       used    installed      needed

  scale-subscriber                      0           10           0    permanent

  scale-l2tp                            0         1000           0    permanent

  scale-mobile-ip                       0         1000           0    permanent


Licenses installed: none


root> show chassis hardware

Hardware inventory:

Item             Version  Part number  Serial number     Description

Chassis                                T3957             MX80

Midplane         REV 08   711-031594   ABBW0903          MX80

PEM 1            Rev 04   740-028288   WC02870           AC Power Entry Module

Routing Engine            BUILTIN      BUILTIN           Routing Engine

TFEB 0                    BUILTIN      BUILTIN           Forwarding Engine Processor

  QXM 0          REV 05   711-028408   ABBW2935          MPC QXM

FPC 0                     BUILTIN      BUILTIN           MPC BUILTIN

  MIC 0                   BUILTIN      BUILTIN           4x 10GE XFP

    PIC 0                 BUILTIN      BUILTIN           4x 10GE XFP

FPC 1                     BUILTIN      BUILTIN           MPC BUILTIN

  MIC 0          REV 26   750-028392   ABBW3229          3D 20x 1GE(LAN) SFP

    PIC 0                 BUILTIN      BUILTIN           10x 1GE(LAN) SFP

    PIC 1                 BUILTIN      BUILTIN           10x 1GE(LAN) SFP

  MIC 1          REV 24   750-028392   ABBN0536          3D 20x 1GE(LAN) SFP

    PIC 2                 BUILTIN      BUILTIN           10x 1GE(LAN) SFP

    PIC 3                 BUILTIN      BUILTIN           10x 1GE(LAN) SFP

Fan Tray                                                 Fan Tray


root> show version

Model: mx80

Junos: 16.1R6.7

JUNOS Base OS boot [16.1R6.7]

JUNOS Base OS Software Suite [16.1R6.7]

JUNOS Crypto Software Suite [16.1R6.7]

JUNOS Packet Forwarding Engine Support (MX80) [16.1R6.7]

JUNOS Web Management [16.1R6.7]

JUNOS Online Documentation [16.1R6.7]

JUNOS SDN Software Suite [16.1R6.7]

JUNOS Services Application Level Gateways [16.1R6.7]

JUNOS Services COS [16.1R6.7]

JUNOS Services Jflow Container package [16.1R6.7]

JUNOS Services Stateful Firewall [16.1R6.7]

JUNOS Services NAT [16.1R6.7]

JUNOS Services RPM [16.1R6.7]

JUNOS Services Captive Portal and Content Delivery Container package [16.1R6.7]

JUNOS Macsec Software Suite [16.1R6.7]

JUNOS Services Crypto [16.1R6.7]

JUNOS Services IPSec [16.1R6.7]

JUNOS DP Crypto Software Software Suite [16.1R6.7]

JUNOS py-base-powerpc [16.1R6.7]

JUNOS py-extensions-powerpc [16.1R6.7]

JUNOS jsd [powerpc-16.1R6.7-jet-1]

JUNOS Kernel Software Suite [16.1R6.7]

JUNOS Routing Software Suite [16.1R6.7]