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Radware Alteon 5208 Application Delivery Controller / Load Balancer Licensed

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Up for sale is a used  Radware Alteon 5208 Application Delivery Controller / Load Balancer.

It has been tested and is in good working condition.

Console Output:

>> ADC-VX - System# general
System Information at 14:02:27 Fri Feb 19, 2021
Time zone: America/US/Eastern (GMT offset -5:00)

Memory profile is Default

Alteon Application Switch 5208 Perform
Switch is up 0 days, 0 hours, 2 minutes and 23 seconds.
Last boot: 14:00:04 Fri Feb 19, 2021 (reset from console)
Last apply: 07:09:33 Mon Sep 11, 2017
Last save: 07:09:36 Mon Sep 11, 2017

MAC Address                :    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hardware MainBoard No|Rev  :    ODSVL2-MB | C.16
Hardware DB No             :    Not Available
Hardware Serial Number     :    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Note - When the measured temperature inside the switch EXCEEDs
       the anomaly threshold at 90 degree Celsius or the critical
       temperature at 97 degree Celsius different syslog messages
       will be generated.

ADC-VX Infrastructure Software Version, Image ID 2, factory default configuration.

>> ADC-VX - Information# swkey

Software Package Installed: Perform

Licensed Features
Feature            Capacity             Status                         Allocated
-------            --------             ------                         ---------
global                                  Permanent
bwm                                     Permanent
vadc               5                    Permanent
throughput         6.000 Gbps           Permanent
ssl                Unlimited            Permanent
compression        Unlimited            Permanent
fastview+          Unlimited            Permanent
cookie                                  Permanent
Advanced Routing                        Permanent
Operator Toolbox                        Permanent

vADC Allocation
vADC      Thrput (Mbps)  SSL (CPS)      Compression (Mbps)  FastView (PgPS)     APM (PgPM)   AW (Mbps)  AUTH (Users)   Features
-------   -------------  ----------     ------------------  ------------------  ----------  ----------  ------------   ----------

Last Installed License Strings
Feature License:              aas-perform-cookie-6j1gR6Rg
Throughput License:           6Gbps-4NFI8IHV
SSL License:                  aas-ssl-Unlimited-FBTOfYbl
Compression License:          aas-compression-Unlimited-lk8dNeXr