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Riverbed Steelhead 5050 Series Application Accelerator SHA-05050-H Licensed

SKU: AR_Riverbed SteelHead SHA-05050-H

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Up for sale is a used Riverbed Steelhead 5050 Series Application Accelerator SHA-05050-H Licensed.

It has been tested and is ready to be deployed.

Console Output:
amnesiac # show version
Product name:      rbt_sh
Product release:   8.6.2d
Build ID:          #3
Build date:        2015-06-19 09:54:56
Build arch:        x86_64
Built by:          mockbuild@bannow-worker5

Uptime:            43m 16s

Product model:     5050
System memory:     7948 MB used / 49 MB free / 7997 MB total
Number of CPUs:    4
CPU load averages: 0.51 / 0.30 / 0.28
amnesiac #
amnesiac # show hardware all
Hardware revision: A
Mainboard:  Platform 3UABA Motherboard, 400-00300-01
Slot 0: .......... 4 Port Copper GigE Network Bypass Module, Integrated
Slot 1: .......... 4 Port Copper GigE PCI-E 8 Lane, Low Profile, Network Bypass Card, 410-00103
lines 24-46
System led: Red
amnesiac #
amnesiac # show hardware licensing info
Disk licensing information
lines 29-51/51 (END)

flash0 Licensed
disk0 Licensed
disk1 Licensed
disk2 Licensed
disk3 Licensed
disk4 Licensed
disk5 Licensed
disk6 Licensed
disk7 Licensed
disk8 Licensed
disk9 Licensed
disk10 Licensed
disk11 Licensed

Memory licensing information
Total Licensed Memory: 8 GB
Total Unlicensed Memory: 0 GB
CPU0 DIMM7: No Module Installed
CPU0 DIMM6: No Module Installed
CPU0 DIMM5: No Module Installed
CPU0 DIMM4: No Module Installed
CPU0 DIMM3: 2048 Licensed
CPU0 DIMM2: 2048 Licensed
CPU0 DIMM1: 2048 Licensed
CPU0 DIMM0: 2048 Licensed
CPU1 DIMM7: No Module Installed
CPU1 DIMM6: No Module Installed
CPU1 DIMM5: No Module Installed
CPU1 DIMM4: No Module Installed
CPU1 DIMM3: No Module Installed
CPU1 DIMM2: No Module Installed
CPU1 DIMM1: No Module Installed
CPU1 DIMM0: No Module Installed
Number of DIMMs: 16

NIC licensing information
wan0_0 Licensed
lan0_0 Licensed
wan0_1 Licensed
lan0_1 Licensed
wan1_1 Licensed
lan1_1 Licensed
wan1_0 Licensed
lan1_0 Licensed
aux Licensed
primary Licensed