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Riverbed SteelHead CX3070 Application Accelerator / L License / CXA-03070-B010

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Up for sale is a used Riverbed SteelHead CX3070 Application Accelerator.

It has been tested and is ready to be deployed. Model: CXA-03070-B010.

Console Output:
amnesiac # show version
lines 6-28/28 (END)
Product name:      rbt_sh
Product release:   9.8.0b
Build ID:          #4
Build date:        2019-01-29 11:57:03
Build arch:        x86_64
Built by:          mockbuild@bannow-worker1
Uptime:            8m 30s
Product model:     CX3070 (CX3070L)
System memory:     6634 MB used / 5250 MB free / 11884 MB total
Number of CPUs:    4
CPU load averages: 0.23 / 0.54 / 0.39
amnesiac #
amnesiac # show hardware all
Hardware revision: A
Mainboard:  Platform Tarpon 1UAGA Motherboard 1U 3.5 CI, 425-00170-01
Slot 3: ..........  4 Port Copper GigE Gen2 PCIe Network Bypass Card, 410-00115-01
System led: Red
amnesiac #
amnesiac # show hardware licensing info
Disk licensing information
flash0 Licensed
disk0 Licensed
disk1 Licensed
disk2 Licensed
disk3 Licensed
Memory licensing information
Total Licensed Memory: 12 GB
Total Unlicensed Memory: 0 GB
DIMM_A1: 4096 Licensed
DIMM_B1: 4096 Licensed
DIMM_C1: 4096 Licensed
Number of DIMMs: 3
NIC licensing information
wan3_1 Licensed
lan3_1 Licensed
wan3_0 Licensed
lan3_0 Licensed
aux Licensed
eth6 Licensed
eth7 Licensed
primary Licensed
amnesiac #